About Us

Collaboration, transparency, accountability, diversity, and environmental integrity.

Creating And Learning Together

Partners in Progress is a US based non-profit corporation dedicated to helping rural communities in Haiti find solutions to the poverty, hunger, environmental degradation, and social and economic injustices that contribute to rural decline. In order to discover and promote systemic solutions to these challenges, we have developed a unique, community-based model that facilitates transparent collaboration and enhances the ability of Partners in Progress and its Haitian-led partner organizations and groups to share and work toward a common goal.

sun-burst3A Symbol of Our Approach

Making a beautiful and durable basket is a complex process, involving many hands. The place where the raw material is gathered must be cooperatively managed, so that it is protected. Material has to be harvested at the right time and in the right way. Old and young must learn from each other so that weaving techniques are passed to future generations.

Our approach to community development has many similarities to this process of basket weaving. We have found that the most successful development initiatives are born from authentic and equitable community participation. We, along with our partners, engage with diverse voices at every step of a project cycle, involving communities locally, regionally and globally by exchanging ideas and resources—creating and learning together—so that the best development options are considered.

The image of a partially woven basket symbolizes our emphasis on process and our belief that collective effort gives rise to results that are both practical and sustainable.

Meet the Team

Passionate and dedicated to improving conditions for rural Haiti, our core team brings with them an enormous range of talent, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to help make a lasting, positive impact. Additionally, we work with some of the best and brightest leaders in the sustainable development field. Meet the people who work as Partners in Progress staff and associates, serve on the Board of Directors, or otherwise represent some of our partners in progress.

Interested in becoming a member of the team?

We look for individuals who exhibit leadership, vision and passion for work in Haiti to serve on our Board of Directors, or work as a partner. Experience in fundraising, community organizing, and international development are preferred. If you are interested in learning more about this service opportunity, please reach out to us.

Our work in rural Haiti is fueled by generous contributions from loyal donors like you. Please consider becoming a MONTHLY sponsor of Partners in Progress today.

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