Together for Better

Creating rural places where neighbors work in common cause to ensure the health and well-being of people and the land and to continuously shape a prosperous, hope-filled future for all.

Revitalizing Sustainable Community

We collaborate with rural organizations in Haiti to leverage and strengthen cultural, social, economic, and environmental assets for building sustainable community. Our areas of focus are:


Growing Food

Building Equitable

Fostering Global

Our Unique

Our belief when working with our partners in Haiti is not to do for, but to do with. We work collaboratively with community organizations and groups—creating and learning together. Our work relies on inclusive, community-led, participatory processes for prioritizing needs and developing solutions that build on local knowledge, resources, and innovation.

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The Partners That Facilitate Progress

The mission of promoting and supporting sustainable community development in rural Haiti requires concerted action from multiple organizations. Here are some of our key partners that make it possible:

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